How to shoot KIDS (without hurting anyone)

kids 1

I remember family photo days.  There were few things that I detested more. Family photos, kid photos, are a reality of life for most people.  And, honestly, most people hate it.  So, what can we do? Make it fun.  Period. The photo above is from a themed shoot I did …

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What are those cool CIRCLES?

These cool circles are called "Lens Flare"

Have you noticed how some photos have these interesting spots and circles?  They are called “lens flare,” here is how to get them in your photos. Shoot TOWARD the sun or bright light source.  The flare is actually that bright light reflecting off the internal elements of your lens. Position …

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Shoot your PET!

Timber dog200

Let’s talk pets.  Those of us who have pets love them.  My dog is the smartest, and best dog on the planet.  I bet yours is also.  Because of that, when we see photos of our pets, we see their awesomeness, not necessarily the quality of the photo… Unfortunately, when …

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How to take a SELFIE


The “Duck Face” must go! Let’s admit it, we all do the selfie shot.  According to the Huffington Post, the first known  “selfie” was taken in 1839.  Interestingly, we can learn a lot from Robert Cornelius and his historic selfie. You do not need to look into the lens.  (You DEFINITELY …

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Look for the LIGHT.

light on door

  In most cases, the quality of the camera does NOT determine the quality of the photo.  The image above was made with my mobile phone.  I use an android device, the Galaxy Note 2.  Many people also use the Iphone.  As you look at the above photo, you likely …

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The perfect angle.

Here is a question from one of our Facebook followers: “Mavreen Mante Albaracin – hey devin how do u find the perfect angle when taking a picture?”   That is a great question!  There is no single answer, so here are a few tips: Practice!  Your photography will improve as you gain …

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How to photograph snow – (With your mobile phone)

IS YOUR SNOW WHITE??? When using mobile cameras (or ANY camera set to “AUTO” mode), you will probably see grey snow in your photos.  Do you know why?  How do you fix that? WHY? – The “AUTO” mode basically tries to get an average exposure.  Snow is so bright, the …

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